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Why All Millionaires Follow These 5 Rules of Money

This is really inspirational. Thought as much, investing at early age would be the best advice given to anyone. Wish someone told me this earlier when it never knew about it. Thanks for sharing this great video and I hope this changed lots of minds. Spend like they poor Minimal. And also save to invest that’s the key to success.

10 Facts About Brain Prove You’re Capable of Anything

How does your brain work and think? Do you know how your brain looks like? Did you know that your brain can work wonders?

The human brain carries out thousands of tasks every single day. It not only controls all your body processes but also helps you make even your wildest dreams come true. You can improve your life by simply changing your thoughts!

How to build a Custom Triumph Scrambler XE Supermoto!

Welcome back to the channel. In this video Jody and the team dive in to one of the craziest builds to date! Customising a 2021 Triumph Scrambler XE (Supermoto style).


Sometimes, online flirting can get annoying. On the whole, unimaginative pickup attempts meet with equally straightforward put-downs. But, occasionally, the biting replies to romantic messages prove so incredibly witty that they cause hysterical laughter instead of disappointment!

Bright Side is delighted to present you with a selection of hilarious examples of failed online romance!

What Would Happen If You Replaced All Drinks with Water?

We all know about the harm drinks other than water can cause us, but what if we replace them with it completely? Chris Bailey, a popular blogger, and lecturer carried out some month-long research, which we at Bright Side have decided to summarize for you in illustrated form.


Hey there! Do you wanna play a bit? Here’s a little fun animation we made to entertain you! All you need to do is to put your finger on the screen and see what happens next! It’s fascinating and relaxing at the same time! Have fun while playing this simple and cool animated online game! By the way, here’s my favorite moment 1:51!


There’s a saying that goes like, ‘When I was 20, it seemed to me that those who turned 30 are already old. I must have had a great imagination.’ As we grow older, things really change. It’s not just about our appearance, but also about how we treat our health, our family, our money, and other things. What was significant in our 20’s, becomes not such a big priority when we turn 30, and vice versa. Today, we will show you how people change over time!


How to get rid of a double chin? Even young and slim girls can get it! We all know that eating right and being physically active are good habits, but did you know you should train your facial muscles just like you train your body? Otherwise, they lose their firmness as you age. No worries – you don’t need a gym or special equipment for the following exercises. You can perform them right now in front of your computer. So, let’s begin!


Men and women are different. That’s a fact, and there’s a good reason why men and women are thought to be from different planets. We are not really sure that it’s about planets, but most likely about physiology and some other things. The way we think and act is so different that it’s no wonder there are times we can hardly understand each other.

Bright Side wants to share with you the things that really highlight the differences between the male and the female worlds. And yes, we’ve got our peculiarities, but remember, the main thing is that even though we’re different, we just can’t live without one another.


How has the Internet impacted our lives? Gadgets and technology play a part in our lives, but it literally is just a part. Don’t ever succumb to panic — real life is definitely still out there despite the huge affect that the Internet has to modern life. Nevertheless, it’s funny to think about the hundreds of little ways it has changed our behavior. Here are ten of the ones we’ve noticed. How many do you recognize?


How to relieve a headache? When you have a headache and the pill you need isn’t at hand, the situation seems hopeless. But there’s a scientific way to get rid of a headache called acupressure. Its effectiveness is confirmed by numerous scientific studies. By its nature, it’s a form of acupuncture and reflex therapy, but it doesn’t require special medical knowledge.

So, today, we will tell you about this technique which removes a headache effectively and quickly!


We’ve learned lots of ‘useful’ information from watching movies. For example, how to effectively shoot back at an enemy or how to fly away in a spaceship through an asteroid belt. Well, life is long – you never know what could be useful! However, the big screen misleads us a lot, so we still believe in many myths that were created over the years.

Do you know, for example, how long tracing a phone call really takes, or how long you should wait before reporting a missing person, or if it’s possible to unlock a door with a gun? So, guys, today, you’ll found out what’s true and what’s not in your favorite blockbusters.

What Your Eyebrow Shape Can Say About Your Personality

What Your Eyebrow Shape Can Say About Your Character. If the eyes are the window to your soul, then your eyebrows are that window frames. In addition, their shape can tell a lot about your character. Let’s test this physiognomic theory on yourself right now! And don’t forget to share the video with a friend who also wants to know themselves better.


Have you ever heard that the oldest kid in a family tends to be very responsible, while children who have no siblings are far more likely to be selfish and demanding? Are these merely stereotypes, or is it really true? Today, we’ve decided to find the answer to this intriguing question How Birth Order Can Shape Your Personality?

The birth order theory began in the late 1920s with Alfred Adler, Sigmund Freud’s friend, and colleague. Adler believed that the order in which you are born into a family inherently affects your personality. According to him, the oldest child, for example, tends to be conservative, power-oriented, and predisposed toward leadership. Do you think it’s true?


We at Bright Side have brought you several riddles to train your brain and check your ability to cope with stress. Maybe you’ll never have to answer them in real life, but who knows?

20 Foods to Eat And Avoid on an Empty Stomach

What to eat on an empty stomach? What should you avoid eating on an empty stomach? Only a few people are aware that some foods are not very good for us if eaten on an empty stomach.

Yogurt, a cup of coffee, and fresh orange juice — this is what most people probably picture when they think of a perfect breakfast. However, we at Bright Side have created a simple infographic that will guide you through what we should eat and what we should avoid in the morning.

5 Types of Headaches and How to Get Rid of All of Them

How to get rid of a headache fast? What’s the best headache relief? What actually causes headaches? The main factors are severe stress, fatigue, sinusitis, poor posture, water loss, dehydration, and holding the head in an improper position for a long time.

In some cases, we can solve this pesky problem by ourselves, yet sometimes we should see a doctor immediately. Here’s a detailed guide to help you identify the type of a headache you have as well as the best strategy for pain relief.

How to Spot a Fake Designer Handbag In 7 Steps

How to choose the real designer handbag and spot a fake handbag? How to differ fake from real easily?

Buying a luxury car for men: you have to be very attentive to small details and know everything about your dream handbag. That’s why we decided to create a short yet very useful guide that will teach you how to choose the real thing.


The human body is an incredibly intricate and complex system. Did you know that there are more than 300 million capillaries in your lungs? If you stretch them from end to end, they will reach the distance that is equal to the width of the US. Or that if you kiss another person for a certain amount of time, this is much more effective in terms of hygiene than using chewing gum? It normalizes the level of acidity in your oral cavities! Doesn’t this sound amazing?!


How to design a successful logo? How to build a famous brand for your business? Some of the most well-known logos in the world were purposefully designed to indicate something much more than simple beauty. In fact, it seems that in some cases, every line, curve, and color has meaning behind it.

Adidas, Apple, BMW, Coca-Cola, Toyota… We see these famous brands everywhere but never consider what their logos exactly mean. Curious to know the secret? Watch the 16 famous logos with a hidden meaning you’ve never noticed.

Custom Bike Builder takes over Super Car Driver Event (Secret Meet)

In this video, Jody and the team are invited to one of the most exclusive car meets in the UK. In true Thornton Hundred fashion, the brand new TH custom Triumph Scrambler XE Supermoto, Worlds Fastest Bobber and demo bike stole the show being a head turner for many! Hope you enjoy the video, don’t forget to leave a thumbs up!

9 Fascinating Things That Happen to Your Body While You Sleep

How to fall asleep fast? How to wake up easily in the morning? Which sleeping position is better for your health.

Did you know that you have four to six dreams at night which is about two thousand dreams per year? Two thousand – what an incredible number! Unfortunately, we forget 80% of all our dreams. At least we can understand what happens to our bodies when we are in the arms of Morpheus.

6 Tips on How to Recognize Fake Gadgets

How to spot fake gadgets? How do you differentiate between real and fake gadgets?
Top brands have lots of copycats, and sometimes fakes are made so well you’re almost unable to recognize them. To avoid wasting money on nonsense, you should examine the gadgets carefully before buying them.

If a salesman pushes you to make a quick purchase, take your time and pay attention to the smallest details. We’ve got six useful tips to help you recognize fake gadgets.

Modifying our most expensive Bobber

In this video, Jody takes a Triumph TFC Bobber that he built last year and brings it up to the latest Thornton Hundred spec with a twist on the colour scheme, creating one of the coolest bikes we think we’ve done.

Customise your bobber AT HOME! Thornton Hundred seat/number plate mount tutorial

Welcome back to the channel, quite a few of you guys have been asking for a tutorial/guide on how to fit our custom seat mount and numberplate mount for the Triumph Bobber; with the wonderful help from our Thornton Hundred ambassador Courtney, we have done exactly that!

Hopefully this will help show just how easy it is to fit our parts and get more of you guys rocking our awesome custom parts! #custombobber

For this build you will need:
– Ratchet
– T50 Torx
– 10m Spanner
– 12mm Socket
– 17mm Socket
– 20mm Socket
– 1.5mm Allen key
– 5mm Allen key

Torque settings:

– Seat mounts to frame 47 Nm
– Seat to seat frame 38 Nm
– Fuel tank 30 Nm
– Rear axle nut 110 Nm

The 8 RULES of MONEY for 2021

Money isn’t made by hard work. If that was the case, then people cleaning the streets, bathrooms, and farming the fields would be the richest people on Earth.

Money is made by having a different mindset than the average folks, you still have to work hard, but not in the wrong field or profession, you must put your time, and work into calculated risks.

How To Sell A Product in 2021 – 5 Practical Strategies To Sell Anything

One of the worst ways I saw a product advertised was a commercial for almond milk where the slogan was that it tastes like almonds. Somebody should have told the ad makers that people don’t usually want their milk to taste like almonds. They want is to taste like Milk.

7 Reasons Why You Will Never Get Rich in 2021

People that are promising quick results are hilarious to me! Always the same scam and everybody falls in! On the other hand those people are quiet anoying since it’s harder for people like you and me to show the good content we create everyday :/ It is always harder to believe in a sad truth that in a happy lie!

Good video dear! Looking forward to the next one now!

How To Invest Your First $1000 in 2021 (Step by Step)

My fears about this new credit model are if they start implementing the Chinese model with this model. I’ve heard rumblings of them wanting to use your Internet search history and other social decisions that you make to be included like whether or not you get your vaccine. I know they want to implement more of a Chinese style social credit score system which would be horrific for freedoms in our country. They always make it seem like a good idea and try to spin it with the fluffy stuff but I have a feeling this goes much deeper than just helping out the little guy. I can almost guarantee this will grant people more control over our lives. I feel so lucky for coming across some guys. I was in bankruptcy and glued to crushing student loan debt which I still battle in my mid 40’s. Thanks to the team at VladimirCorp .. I am no longer in bankruptcy & all negative marks erased and to top it off they assisted me with my student loans, which I no longer have! I can now move forward in my life and live a life free of financial hardships.

How to build a Thornton Hundred Wide Wheel Bobber in 10 minutes

In this video, I show you the process of how I build my Thornton Hundred Wide Wheel Bobbers. Featured in this video is a recent Teal Blue Bobber featuring all of the key parts including my custom billet hubs, custom seat, front wide wheel kit, custom mandrel bend exhaust, and much more!

The 5 Ways To Invest $100 In 2021

Successful people don’t become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life.

How To Make Money With Debt (2021)

I used to be very dependent on my brothers because we lost our parents years ago and I wasn’t able to provide anything for my little ones , I was in a very deep crises and had no way of redeeming myself, it was a really dark place for me but I am glad I am out of it, better days ahead.

How To Read Super Fast With Full Understanding in 2021

This is what i do to absorb information from a book in a day.
1. grab any book
2. burn it with fire until it turn into ashes
3. put the ashes into a glass of water
4. drink it
5. meditate

Why “A” Students Will Work for “C” Students in 2021

Don’t take this literally. There are plenty of A students who excel in life and C students who do shit and the other way a round. It’s a matter of your personality and work ethic, not your grades. It’s more of a matter of what you do when life hits you and you realize you’re an adult and you have to choose your path. Go the easy road or take the hard one. Your grade isn’t an absolute reflection of your choices in the future. I averaged Ds and Cs in middle school until I had my advanced Algebra 1 class in 8th grade and realized that if I got a C or D in that class that would be reflected on my GPA in high school. I went on to have pretty much all A’s in high school so far. This can be true for people in high school then going to college. School isn’t the end all be all. If the time comes when you decide you want to be a doctor when you’re 30, you can go do that. Your future is much more malleable than you think.


5 Books You Must Read Before You Die in 2021

There are so many more good books than just these that will teach you new/useful things! For instance, if you want to succeed at life, read Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams by Matthew Walker PhD. You’ve heard sleep is important, but you will be surprised how much it enhances all areas of life and how sickly people become when deprived of a full night’s sleep. It’s fascinating and very useful for improving in many different areas of life.

Investing In Stocks For Beginners

He was a very courteous individual since I was with him, He transferred new tradelines into the database of every one of the 3 Credit Agency and assist me with expelling all injurious, Criminal record and late installment at that point help my FICO rating. He guaranteed me a superior activity and he never fizzled me,He was additionally ready to assist me with taking care of my Pursuit Visa Obligations with Naval force Government Mastercard Obligations Along as well. I’m so intrigued with his extraordinary activity since he did it so flawless with no follow and this was so changeless on my report. Reach them VladimirCorp🪐com utilizing any web search motor e.g Google

If You Have $5000 In The Bank, DO THESE 5 Things Now!

Last year, after the gov’t postponed tax payments, I took the $2000 I had already saved for my first quarterly payment, and put it in the stock market. It was a very volatile market, and I went on what I called a “smash and grab” campaign. I bought as much of a $1 – $3 stock as I could. It was not uncommon for these stocks to go up and down by a few dimes at a time. I would buy in, make a quick gain, that seemed satisfactory to me, then roll my net into my principal and do it again somewhere else. In less than 8 months, I made a net 10k.

How To Be Fearless Under Pressure

Another thing I notice is his voice and mannerisms when speaking. He almost always remains calms and speaks in a low, even confident voice, never raising it or becoming emotional or riled. This shows confidence but is also highly intimidating. A man you can’t ruffle or disturb out of his quiet confidence is to be feared.

14 Characteristics of a Sigma Male | The Lone Wolf

14 Characteristics of a Sigma Male | The Lone Wolf. There was a time when men were described as either being the Alpha Male or the Beta Male. Alpha Males, with their leadership qualities, strong confidence, and no-nonsense approach to life were at the head of the pack. Beta Males, eager to take orders and fall into line were the alternative. But the more we learn about people, the more we have discovered that there are variations of Alpha and Beta and a new type of personality is seeming to emerge. One that is neither Alpha nor Beta and is dancing to the beat of his own drum: Sigma Male. The Sigma Male is currently a hot topic in psychology and people are sitting up and paying attention to what this new personality type is doing in the world. Sigma Males have always been around, doing their own thing on the fringe of society. These are the rule breakers and makers. They get a lot of attention for good and bad things, but it’s what we don’t yet know about these personality types that keep people coming back for more.


Have you heard the story about Ronald Read, the janitor that had 8 million dollars in savings when he died in 2014? Yes, you heard that right. Janitor. $8 millions. And he didn´t win the lottery or inherit the money either. He just saved consistently throughout his life, while letting the wonders of compounding do its thing. The morale is that your behaviour with money is oftentimes more important than how intelligent you are. Even if you don´t have a diploma from Harvard, or work on Wall Street, you can become rich by just behaving in a sound way. As Morgan Housel puts it: “financial success is not a hard science. It’s a soft skill, where how you behave is more important than what you know.” Spend your next ten or fifteen minutes on this video, and you might excel on the soft skill of investing! This is a top 5 takeaways summary of The Psychology of Money, by Morgan Housel.

6 Psychological Tricks To Command Respect Instantly

Normally, earning respect takes years of demonstrating high character, but there are exceptions.
That’s why in this video I will cover 6 psychological tricks that you can use to command respect almost instantly.

4 Confidence Tricks Only Alpha Males Know

Before offering love to anyone else, offer it to yourself. Before offering acceptance to anyone else, first offer it to yourself. Before being nonjudgemental of others, be nonjudgemental of yourself. You can only give the world what you have within.

Warren Buffet’s 6 Rules Of Investing

In this video we are talking about how Warren Buffett got rich and Buffett’s investing strategies. In this series of interviews Warren Buffett explains his investing advice and how he became one of the most successful investors in the world.

Warren Buffet is an american investor whose networth is estimated to be 73.9 billion dollars which makes him one of the richest people in the world.

In this video you will see Warren Buffett’s investing advice and teachings.

Master the Six Basic Rules of Investing – Robert Kiyosaki

If you’re facing a windfall in new money, now is the perfect time to put into place the rich dad fundamental: invest in cash-flowing assets.

But in order to do that, you need to understand the investing fundamentals. In this video, we give you the six basic rules of investing to master, taught to me by my rich dad.

Learning and mastering the rules of investing takes a life-long investment in financial education. But these basics will get you started. Where you go from here is up to you.

Top 5 Largest BITCOIN MINES on Earth

Back in the day, if you wanted to mine Bitcoin, everything you needed was a computer connected to the internet. You could let your PC do its thing, and if you got lucky, you earned a piece of this popular decentralized cryptocurrency.
Unfortunately, if you want to mine bitcoin today, this strategy doesn’t cut it anymore, as companies are building huge bitcoin mining farms/data centers, which consist of thousands of GPUs mining bitcoin all day long! These consume enormous amounts of power and are usually built in locations where 2 conditions are met: low outside temperature and low electricity prices.

If you wanted to take a look inside any of these bitcoin heavens by yourself, your trip would probably end in front of the door of these giant buildings, as they are closely guarded 24/7.
But don’t worry, that’s why in this video, Glame TOP 5 is taking you on a private tour of these mining rigs. Join us as we reveal the TOP 5 List of Largest Bitcoin Mines on Earth!

If you want to see how much Bitcoins does the LARGEST BITCOIN FARM on Earth mine, stick with us till the end of the video, where we’ll show you every single secret this bitcoin mine has to tell.

27 Things Poor People Do That The Rich Don’t

This is a wake up to everyone watching this video, change your habits, mentality but never your personality, stay humble and true to yourself, do the things you want to do in life, take a risk here and there, the biggest regret people have is not taking risks early in life, I know that you will have a successful and happy life my friend.


22 Passive Income Ideas – How I Earn $28K Per Month

Lack of trading discipline is the primary reason for intraday trading losses it is estimated that nearly 80- 85% of intraday traders end up losing money in the stock market Experiencing loss is also part of the game but that don’t mean you should give up.


How to Choose a Good Construction Firm?

Choosing a construction firm for your new house or for your office can be a bit difficult. It is important that you have the right company that will make your vision. So what are things that you need to do to find a good construction firm?

First, you need to do your research. But instead of finding companies from the get-go, try to do some research of what you want to happen in your property. Regardless if you are having something built from the ground or you are looking to have something renovated. Be sure to know what you want.

Next, you also need to check the companies from your area. Try to compare not only the price but also their manpower and even their reputation. These are some of the things that can affect your overall satisfaction. Of course, don’t forget to check the licenses and the necessary permits. You can’t be too sure if you have the right company.

If it is possible to ask your friends and family which company to hire, the better it is. This way, you get to know their experience firsthand whether or not the contractor is capable of meeting your expectations.

Renovating Sydney bathrooms

Sydney Bathroom Renovations: When is a Good Time?

Over time, your bathroom will accumulate wear and tear. What once was a beautiful modern bathroom will start to show its age, and almost cry out for help!

At some point, all home-owners need to make the decision whether or not to renovate their bathroom. While bathroom renovations can be tough, there are steps you can take early-on to ease the pain and minimise the disruption to your life.

Bathroom renovation in Sydney

Do You REALLY Need to Renovate your Bathroom?

It may be that you can live with your current bathroom for a few more years – depending on the state of the plumbing and features. If budget is tight, this may be an option for you – especially if you do not plan on staying in your current home for an extended period of time.

Of course, sometimes we just want what we want – and will continue with a bathroom renovation even if we don’t necessarily “need” to do so. If you have the funds, and are just embarrassed or frustrated by your outdated bathroom, then the time to start the project is probably right now!

Reasons for Sydney Bathroom Renovations

One common factor behind many Sydney bathroom renovations is to keep up with growing families, or to adjust to different life stages. For example, when you have little children, chances are that your primary focus will be on their safety and comfort. But as those children grow, so do your needs – one shower may not be enough. The existing bath may be too small or just impractical for teenagers. Or perhaps they have just outgrown the space available!

Another consideration is the aging population. More middle-aged couples are wanting to accommodate their aging parents, rather than sending them to a retirement home. This option provides the homeowners with the ability to take care of their parents / in-laws, while still allowing them a level of independence and privacy. Often times, this will mean an extension or the building of a granny flat, which will contain its own bathroom & kitchen.

Along the same “aging population” lines, as couples themselves become older, they will likely require safety precautions in and around the bathroom. For example, assisted seating, support beams and removal of any steps, to make the bathroom process easier and safer for the occupants.

Another reason why a lot of people tend to renovate is because they are looking to sell their home. Selling the property with newly-renovated bathrooms is often a great way to boost your sale price at auction.

Common Problems During Bathroom Renovations

As the common saying goes – hope for the best, plan for the worst…

Very few renovation projects go exactly to plan. “Murphy’s Law” has a bad habit of turning up to even the best planned bathroom reno – so it’s a good idea to keep realistic expectations about the end-to-end process!

Some of the more common problems encountered during bathroom renovations include:

  • Unexpected plumbing issues (such as cracked or poorly-installed pipes)
  • Unexpected wiring issues (old / frayed wiring, dodgy electrical work which has to be redone)
  • Lack of product availability (that one vanity you absolutely “have to have” goes end of life & can’t be found anywhere)
  • Unexpected delays due to contractor availability (while most contractors should have a backup-plan in place, if it’s a small team who are hit with COVID or just a common cold, your project timelines may blow out)

Preparing for Bathroom Renovations

As you consider renovating your family bathroom, it’s a good idea to prepare your family for the pending interruption to their lives. Even though your renovations company may be very customer focused, and take every measure to minimise the disruption, the reality is that any bathroom renovation will inconvenience your family in some way.

Discuss this reality with your children, to help them understand why the work is happening and what the benefits will be. Include them in the journey, and they’ll likely have more patience with the interruptions! Help them understand that – as a family – you may need to be sharing one bathroom. This will mean shorter showers / baths… sharing the sink with others as they clean their teeth… being mindful of putting their personal affects (toothbrush, washer, towel etc) away instead of leaving them out.

Happy Bathroom Renovating

Renovating your Sydney bathroom should be a fun and exciting experience, despite the temporary interruption. If all goes well, you’ll end up with a shower you are proud of, which will serve you and your family for many years to come. Or, add tens of thousands to your sale price!

Reasons to Save Money for Your Next Renovation

A lot of people tend to forget to consider homes do get old. Homes need repairs and maintenance over the years. Before you even decide to buy your home, be sure that you are aware of these things. Buying a home can be expensive for many reasons. Imagine the upkeep and the amount of money that you will need to spend on renovations over the years.

Why renovate in the first place? Here are some reasons why you need to prepare for renovations as early as today.

Renovations can add comfort

A lot of people even work at home these days. Can you imagine staying at home and you don’t feel relaxed? Having a stressful home can be very problematic. Renovations can add comfort to your home. Perhaps, renovating the house can make things suited for your age? Or maybe, it can even create more space in your home?

Addressing Safety Issues

You want to makes sure that the house is safe. At times, the house is no longer suited for elderly people or for those families that have kids living with them. Renovating ahead of time is a good way to prepare for the future.

What are the things that you can add to make the home safe? Some people add handrails to make sure that people can use the bathroom safely. Or maybe, you can make the door bigger to ensure that a wheelchair can be used to enter and exit the bathroom.

Another safety concern is the electrical system in the house. It is also a good idea to renovate the property because you need to fix its electrical wiring. Or perhaps, you want to make everything more efficient?

Repairs cost too much

If your home has already been damaged here and there, might as well consider a renovation. At times, getting something renovated can even cost less considering the time that you can save as well.

Updating the Style

Every decade will have an aesthetic. If you will look at homes in the 1970s, you will know that the house is built in that era. However, there are instances when you also need to keep up with modern times. Modern designs make homes more efficient and your home more comfortable. Renovation is a good way to adapt to modern times.

Increase the property’s value

It is common to see homes get renovated because the homeowner is already looking to put it in the market. This can help boost your property’s value. But of course, it doesn’t mean that if you renovate your home that you are already putting it up for sale. You can also have it rented and yield a higher passive income because of this.

Getting a renovation can be tricky because you also have to think of the trends and the things that could attract your market. You will also have to check different designs and consider the pros and cons of each design. And most important of all, you also need to assess your budget. One of the things you will need to ask is if it is worth it to proceed with the renovation? Do you do everything at once? Or should you be doing the renovation project part by part?