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Why “A” Students Will Work for “C” Students in 2021

Don’t take this literally. There are plenty of A students who excel in life and C students who do shit and the other way a round. It’s a matter of your personality and work ethic, not your grades. It’s more of a matter of what you do when life hits you and you realize you’re an adult and you have to choose your path. Go the easy road or take the hard one. Your grade isn’t an absolute reflection of your choices in the future. I averaged Ds and Cs in middle school until I had my advanced Algebra 1 class in 8th grade and realized that if I got a C or D in that class that would be reflected on my GPA in high school. I went on to have pretty much all A’s in high school so far. This can be true for people in high school then going to college. School isn’t the end all be all. If the time comes when you decide you want to be a doctor when you’re 30, you can go do that. Your future is much more malleable than you think.


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