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Korean Braised Pig’s Trotters (Jokbal: 족발)

Here in Sweden, we have something similar. We call it ‘Fläsklägg’, which translates to ‘Pork-leg’. We don’t actually use the lowermost part, the trotters when we make fläsklägg. And the pork shank/leg we buy is mostly ‘rimmat’, which means it has been soaked in salt-brine. We can rarely find the …

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Spicy Chewy Noodles (Jjolmyeon: 쫄면)

I love it when you do vegan/vegan-able recipes. I grew up in a city with many Asian markets(Oakland, CA) but now live in mountains. 6 months finally I went to the city and bought these noodles. I can make it tonight maybe. but whenever I do, I’m sure it will …

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Steamed eggs in an earthenware bowl (ttukbaegi-gyeranjjim:뚝배기 계란찜)

I remember seeing the first take on this and after having it I cant go back to regular scrambled eggs. These are nice, its like eating savory clouds. I have it with rice and make a simple sauce of toasted red pepper, garlic, sesame oil, a dash of soy sauce …

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EGG RECIPES YOU WILL LOVE Tired of boring sandwiches for breakfast? Watch this video to find lots of egg dishes and breakfast will be your favorite meal! Eggs are perfect for breakfast as they are full of important nutrients for your body and gives a lot of energy for the …

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