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Restoration Old Motorcycle CHOPPER – Restore Abandoned Mini Harley

Restoration Abandoned Very Damaged Motorcycle Mini Chopper Harley Davidson 125cc. (PART 1) In this video, I disassembled the motorcycle and ground the fuel tank, removed the old paint, sealed it, applied the base paint, and finally spray-painted the military green. I sprayed all the plastic parts. I drove a motorbike …

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IT HAPPENED! Elon Musk FINALLY Reveals New Tesla Motorbike!

Tesla wants to provide an electric vehicle for everybody. This is why it is going into different categories. It has the sedan, pickup, and truck covered. It has even promised a quad-bike. There is, however, a category that is conspicuously missing in Tesla’s product lineup, which is a motorcycle! That …

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Top 10 Electric Three-Wheelers of Today: Best Trikes and Tiny EV Models

Electric vehicles are everywhere: they are attention-grabbing, exciting, and promising for those who consider them the transport of the future. While electric cars are still not accessible to everyone, there are other cheaper forms of battery-electric transport that give you a feel of what riding emission-free vehicles taste like.

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Aaron’s pronunciation of “baguettes” made my heart smile with joy. Then along comes, Claire saying “comforting” and really, my heart can’t take this cuteness overload from you two. Merry Christmas. Lots of love. ~Lisa in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 💖

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Fall-Off-The-Bone – TOP 5 Ribs Recipes From Master Chef John

I am awe-struck when I watch your videos; the ways you assemble the ingredients, in short, simple steps and in about 1 hr. of time you made some very beautiful, flavorful, food! Simple ingredients that can be found in about every grocery store, turned into a meal that people usually …

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