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Sydney Bathroom Renovations: When is a Good Time?

Over time, your bathroom will accumulate wear and tear. What once was a beautiful modern bathroom will start to show its age, and almost cry out for help!

At some point, all home-owners need to make the decision whether or not to renovate their bathroom. While bathroom renovations can be tough, there are steps you can take early-on to ease the pain and minimise the disruption to your life.

Bathroom renovation in Sydney

Do You REALLY Need to Renovate your Bathroom?

It may be that you can live with your current bathroom for a few more years – depending on the state of the plumbing and features. If budget is tight, this may be an option for you – especially if you do not plan on staying in your current home for an extended period of time.

Of course, sometimes we just want what we want – and will continue with a bathroom renovation even if we don’t necessarily “need” to do so. If you have the funds, and are just embarrassed or frustrated by your outdated bathroom, then the time to start the project is probably right now!

Reasons for Sydney Bathroom Renovations

One common factor behind many Sydney bathroom renovations is to keep up with growing families, or to adjust to different life stages. For example, when you have little children, chances are that your primary focus will be on their safety and comfort. But as those children grow, so do your needs – one shower may not be enough. The existing bath may be too small or just impractical for teenagers. Or perhaps they have just outgrown the space available!

Another consideration is the aging population. More middle-aged couples are wanting to accommodate their aging parents, rather than sending them to a retirement home. This option provides the homeowners with the ability to take care of their parents / in-laws, while still allowing them a level of independence and privacy. Often times, this will mean an extension or the building of a granny flat, which will contain its own bathroom & kitchen.

Along the same “aging population” lines, as couples themselves become older, they will likely require safety precautions in and around the bathroom. For example, assisted seating, support beams and removal of any steps, to make the bathroom process easier and safer for the occupants.

Another reason why a lot of people tend to renovate is because they are looking to sell their home. Selling the property with newly-renovated bathrooms is often a great way to boost your sale price at auction.

Common Problems During Bathroom Renovations

As the common saying goes – hope for the best, plan for the worst…

Very few renovation projects go exactly to plan. “Murphy’s Law” has a bad habit of turning up to even the best planned bathroom reno – so it’s a good idea to keep realistic expectations about the end-to-end process!

Some of the more common problems encountered during bathroom renovations include:

  • Unexpected plumbing issues (such as cracked or poorly-installed pipes)
  • Unexpected wiring issues (old / frayed wiring, dodgy electrical work which has to be redone)
  • Lack of product availability (that one vanity you absolutely “have to have” goes end of life & can’t be found anywhere)
  • Unexpected delays due to contractor availability (while most contractors should have a backup-plan in place, if it’s a small team who are hit with COVID or just a common cold, your project timelines may blow out)

Preparing for Bathroom Renovations

As you consider renovating your family bathroom, it’s a good idea to prepare your family for the pending interruption to their lives. Even though your renovations company may be very customer focused, and take every measure to minimise the disruption, the reality is that any bathroom renovation will inconvenience your family in some way.

Discuss this reality with your children, to help them understand why the work is happening and what the benefits will be. Include them in the journey, and they’ll likely have more patience with the interruptions! Help them understand that – as a family – you may need to be sharing one bathroom. This will mean shorter showers / baths… sharing the sink with others as they clean their teeth… being mindful of putting their personal affects (toothbrush, washer, towel etc) away instead of leaving them out.

Happy Bathroom Renovating

Renovating your Sydney bathroom should be a fun and exciting experience, despite the temporary interruption. If all goes well, you’ll end up with a shower you are proud of, which will serve you and your family for many years to come. Or, add tens of thousands to your sale price!

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