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Korean Braised Pig’s Trotters (Jokbal: 족발)

Here in Sweden, we have something similar. We call it ‘Fläsklägg’, which translates to ‘Pork-leg’. We don’t actually use the lowermost part, the trotters when we make fläsklägg. And the pork shank/leg we buy is mostly ‘rimmat’, which means it has been soaked in salt-brine. We can rarely find the un-brined version in supermarkets anymore. Perhaps if you go to a butcher you’ll have a better chance.

In any case, we boil the pork shank with whole black and white peppercorns, salt, bay leaves, chopped onions, and carrots. We cook it for several hours until the meat literally falls off of the bones, then we remove the skin, fat, and bones and serve the meat with a dish called ‘Rotmos’, or indirect translation ‘root mash.

It’s like mashed potatoes, but it’s made from cooked, mashed carrots, turnips, and similar root vegetables, mashed with milk or cream, and butter. It’s really delicious, but I desperately want to try Jokbal! It always looks so amazing whenever I see it in Kdrama!

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