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Dino-Sized Brisket in TEXAS!! Best American Food BBQ!!

The Original Black’s Barbecue is the oldest in Texas, run by the same family since 1932. 3rd Generation Pitmaster Kent Black slow smokes all Barbecue the way his grandfather did in 1932. A simple rub, local Post Oak Wood and patience is the secret. Their brisket is truly legendary.

🤤 HOMEMADE SAUSAGE: Black’s BBQ’s 80 year old recipe and techniques remain the same as each ring is hand stuffed and hand tied, then smoked to perfection. Take the brisket trimmings and chop them up, then place them in a mixer. Along with the chopped meat, add the mixture (salt, pepper, and a flour based binder) and water. Fine grind it so it comes out looking almost like hamburger meat. Pour into the stuffer. Stuff the casings with ground meat. Cut and tie them. Place in the smoker and allow them to smoke for about an hour.

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